Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Getting a job after your PhD: Strategies to imagine and build alternative academic careers

DHA 2014, Perth.
Given the realities of the competitive academic job market - why aren't more postgrads discussing hybrid and alternative career options?

Register today to attend a free workshop

We're running a free workshop on Tuesday, 18 March (9am - Midday) exploring strategies and tools to help PhD candidates and early career researchers imagine and build alternative academic careers.

What is an 'alternative academic' career?

#Altac careers have been described as off the tenure track, but within the academic orbit.  These positions are serviced by “hybrid humanities scholars” who work in a diverse range of institutions including universities, cultural heritage bodies, libraries, museums, academic publishing, and the public sector. Roles often include a combination of administration, project management, teaching and research work.

About the workshop

The workshop will include a panel session with several practicing “alt-academics”, hands-on activities and plenty of lively discussion and debate.

We’ll be asking questions such as:

  • How can PhD students better locate their research and work in an employable context?
  • How can PhD students prepare for alternative academic careers during and after their candidature?
  • What are the main opportunities and challenges associated with alternative academic careers?

Who should attend this workshop?

Postgraduate students and early career researchers.

How do I register?

This workshop is free of charge however  registration is required. Numbers are limited so register online today!

(In the event that tickets are unavailable, please email johawkins@gmail.com to join a wait list.)


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