Monday, January 13, 2014

Get involved! Volunteer for DHA2014 (18-20 March)

2014 is looking to be action packed! Our first meeting for the year will be held in early Feb. The blog will be updated soon with details. In the meantime, you may be interested in the opportunities below:


Volunteers are needed for Digital Humanities Australasia 2014

We’re seeking to recruit 10 volunteers to assist over the 3 days (18-20 March). Volunteers will receive an official DHA2014 t-shirt and are free to attend conference sessions associated with their volunteer stint. Responsibilities may include assisting with registration, distributing programs, showing people to events or simply helping ensure things are in the right place (e.g. chairing documents). We’ll work around your schedule. Just let us know which days/s you are free. Interested? Email


Don't miss the Digital Antipodes at DHA2014!

We are absolutely thrilled to see so many of the Digital Antipodes delivering papers and running workshops at DHA2014. You can take a look at the event program here.
Papers and panel sessions include:
  • Brett Hirsch, Philip Mead - Debate: That Literary Studies Needs More Graphs, Maps, and Trees
  • Ethan Blue (with Zephyr Frank) -  Mapping the Routes and Roots of American Deportation
  • Jenni Harrison (with Darren Gibson) - The altruistic crowd – the ethics of using social data in humanist research
  • Jo Hawkins - Historian to Hacker in 48 hours: Why do so few humanists attend civic hacking events?
  • Patricia Alessi - Early English opera and the Digital?: The utilisation of digital approaches in historically- informed performance practice opera re-creations
  • Susan Taylor Suchy - Engaging the "Quaint" Creative Writing Classroom in the Social Media Marketplace
  • Toby Burrows - Mandelbrot, Braudel and Taleb: fractal geometry and randomness in history
  • Toby Burrows (with Deb Verhoeven) - Deploying Ontologies in the Humanities and Creative Arts
  • Toby Burrows (with Deb Verhoeven) - Integrating research in the humanities: the HuNI Virtual Laboratory


Register for a free workshop at DHA2014 - The #Altac Track: Strategies to imagine and build alternative academic careers

How can PhD students better locate their research and work in an employable context? This free, 3-hour workshop will explore strategies and tools to help PhD candidates and early career researchers imagine and build alternative academic careers. It will include a panel session with several practicing “alt-academics”, hands-on activities and plenty of lively discussion and debate. This workshop is free of charge – however prior registration is required. Seats are limited! Register today.

DHA 2014 (18-20 March)

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