Thursday, February 27, 2014

Don't miss the Digital Antipodes at DHA2014!

DHA2014 Perth
We’re absolutely thrilled to see so many of the Digital Antipodes delivering papers and running workshops at DHA2014. Take a look at the final event programme.

Papers and panel sessions include:
  • Brett Hirsch, Philip Mead (Debate): That Literary Studies Needs More Graphs, Maps, and Trees
  • Ethan Blue (with Zephyr Frank) -  Mapping the Routes and Roots of American Deportation
  • Jenni Harrison (with Darren Gibson) - The altruistic crowd – the ethics of using social data in humanist research
  • Jo Hawkins - Historian to Hacker in 48 hours: Why do so few humanists attend civic hacking events?
  • Patricia Alessi - Early English opera and the Digital?: The utilisation of digital approaches in historically- informed performance practice opera re-creations
  • Susan Taylor Suchy - Engaging the "Quaint" Creative Writing Classroom in the Social Media Marketplace
  • Toby Burrows - Mandelbrot, Braudel and Taleb: fractal geometry and randomness in history
  • Toby Burrows (with Deb Verhoeven) - Deploying Ontologies in the Humanities and Creative Arts
  • Toby Burrows (with Deb Verhoeven) - Integrating research in the humanities: the HuNI Virtual Laboratory


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