Saturday, September 28, 2013

This Friday! A report from DH Conference 2013 (Nebraska) by Toby Burrows

We're excited to be back from hiatus! Over the past few months we've enjoyed IAS Digital Humanities masterclasses from Harold Short and Paul Arthur, along with a keynote from Alan Liu. With the DHA 2014 conference being held in Perth between 18-21 March 2014 it's an exciting time to be exploring this dynamic field.

Here are four things you should know:

1. Our next meeting will be held 2-3pm on Friday 4 October - A report from DH 2013 (Nebraska) by Toby Burrows

Toby attended DH2013 at the University of Nebraska in July and will be reporting on some of the highlights, with particular emphasis on 'get involved' activities including; DH Commons, GO-DH, Around DH in 80 Days, ADHO Special Interest Groups and We're keen to encourage DH experimentation and outcomes from the Digital Antipodes in 2014 and this session should offer plenty of ideas to help those new to the field to tip their toe in the water.

IMPORTANT: Please note the  venue for our DH session this Friday 4 October (2-3pm) has changed.
We will be meeting at the UWA iVEC facility which is located on the ground floor of the Physics building (entrance opposite the Reid Library or through the main Physics foyer). The iVEC team have generously offered us the use of their boardroom for this meeting.

Toby has also suggested a thought-provoking reading for us all.
Dr Anne Galloway, 5 Things About Ubiquitous Computing That Make Me Nervous, The Design Culture Lab, March 31, 2013 (accessed 27 Sept 2013)

2. Don't miss the final IAS Digital Humanities Masterclasses for 2013!
Reading on/and Digital Platforms: A Digital Humanities Research Seminar with Dr Tully Barnett, Research Fellow, Creative Arts, Flinders University (21 Oct)
RSVP today!

Your chance to engage in debates surrounding digital texts.
 "Sven Birkerts reminds us that the human brain has been shaped by print and by the level of attention required for the long form of the book, and he argues that to do away with the book is to lose our humanity. Katherine Hayles tells us that other forms of reading can bring on dynamic transformations in cognition that do not need to be feared but can be embraced as complementary."

3. Rails Girls is coming to Perth! November 15 & 16.
Women are vastly under-represented in computer science and programming. Rails Girls aims to combat this by providing tools and a community for women to understand technology and to build their ideas - and it's coming to Perth! If you'd like to learn what it takes to build a simple web app, don't miss this free two-day workshop for women who want to learn to code. Beginners welcome. Applications are open until October 28th. I've signed up and I think you should too.

4. The call for papers for the DHA 2014 closes on Monday 30 September.
You still have a couple of days to submit an abstract for DHA2014! For those new to DH, the conference, which will be held in Perth, offers a fantastic opportunity to become more directly involved in this research area.

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