Monday, June 3, 2013

Why should digital humanists attend #GovHack?

GovHack is a 48 hour national hackathon where teams compete to create mashups, visualisations and apps using government data.

It was a fantastic event and an amazing opportunity to put digital humanities into practice. I am very keen to register some UWA teams in 2014!

Our team created Pixtory - an iPhone app that allows users to uncover the hidden history around them. Pixtory collects and exposes geo-tagged historic photos from the State Library of WA's photographic archive. The result is an immersive experience that facilitates meaningful encounters with Perth's history and heritage.

We were incredibly proud to win the 'Spirit of GovHack' Award for the Perth event - a prize awarded to the team that demonstrated what GovHack is all about.

Vote for Pixtory in the GovHack People's Choice Awards!
You can vote up until Wednesday night (5th June 2013). All you need to do is register on the site, then log on, visit our team page and vote using the flames.

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  1. While I applaud the idea behind Pixtory, I fail to see the logic of creating an app that is only available to Apple users. In a field that needs as much support and recognition as possible, it immediately deprives you of a large portion of your audience and the subsequent advertising they could produce for you.
    I look forward to seeing a non-Apple version of the app.