Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dipping a Toe into the Digital Humanities (video series)

This is brilliant. A series of videos have just been put online from Dipping a Toe into the Digital Humanities, a one-day introductory symposium presented by the Centre for Memory, Imagination and Invention at Deakin University on 19 October 2012.

Speakers including Tim Sherratt (@wragge) and Ingrid Mason (@1n9r1d) profiled some of the biggest digital humanities projects happening in Australia right now. I can't wait to watch a couple of these over Easter.

Enjoyed the first vid? Watch them all here.

"Digital Humanities describes research, teaching and knowledge realisation at the intersection of computing and the humanities, social sciences, creative and performing arts. It is broadly interdisciplinary and encompasses a wide variety of emerging practices, ranging from curating digital research collections, developing new tools for exploring archives to visualising information from large data sets."  Dipping a Toe into the Digital Humanities

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